Police warn public of spiked boards found on city property

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 9:16 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 4, 2021 at 6:56 PM CDT
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CHESTER, Ill. (KFVS) - Chester Police are investigating a concerning discovery that has been taking place at some city maintained properties.

Police report city workers have found homemade spiked boards.

“This is next level stuff,” Chester Police Chief Bobby Helmers said.

“If you notice, it’s been painted green to camouflage itself. The spikes which are dry wall screws or decking screws have been painted green as well. The person then went as far as inserting this spike into the ground so it doesn’t fall over on its own.”

Three were found at Evergreen Cemetery and one in the Rock Bridge Road Area.

Mark Gibbs, the cemetery’s sexton, said so far he’s found three.

“Makes me feel bad for the employees. I mean I’ve got vault companies here that don’t even work for the city setting vaults and monument companies setting monuments and they have nothing to do with the city so they could injure somebody that’s got nothing to do with the city,” Gibbs said.

According to the City of Chester, Evergreen Cemetery, located on Route 3, is a historic final resting place.

Illinois’ first Governor, Shadrach Bond, is buried near the entrance.

Gibbs is now on high alert while working on the grounds.

“It slows us down because we’re weed eating looking for them and not wanting to step on them and I’m mowing looking for them instead of the stones,” Gibbs said.

The police department shared pictures of the spiked boards on their Facebook page.

The photos show a painted green board with several green metal screws sticking upward and a large black spike nail facing downward.

Police say homemade spiked boards have been found at least three times on different...
Police say homemade spiked boards have been found at least three times on different city-maintained properties in Chester, Ill.(Source: Chester Police Department/Facebook)

When placed in the ground, the boards could pop or damage vehicle tires or hurt someone if they walked or fell onto it.

Police said they wanted to make the public aware of the situation and hope to track down whoever is placing and/or making the boards.

Even though Helmers said there aren’t any physical injuries reported, people are still hurt.

“The communities mad,” he said.

“This is dark, this is not normal behavior, I sympathize with this person, I think they quite possibly could have some very deep issues.”

“It’s quite disturbing that a person would choose such a respected site to place these devices, but rest assured the person will be prosecuted fully upon their arrest,” stated the Chester Police Department.

Chief Helmers added the city is looking into installing security cameras on city property in addition to stepping up patrols.

He also said the suspect or suspects could be charged with a felony if caught.

Anyone with information about the situation is asked to contact the Chester Police Department at 618-826-5454.

The Chester Police Department is asking for the public's assistance and is also wanting to make the public aware of an...

Posted by Chester Police Department on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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