Heartland landlords react after White House urges states to take action to prevent evictions

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The White House is now calling on states for further action against housing crisis after the eviction moratorium expired Saturday.

“Eviction is the last thing we want to do,” said David Soto, president of Soto Property Solutions.

The CDC’s failure to extend the eviction moratorium Saturday leaves thousands of Missourians with the possibility of being homeless. White House officials are calling on states for further actions.

“We’ve had rental assistance out there since the beginning and still have that out there,” Governor Mike Parson said.

Governor Parson said options for rental assistance through the CARES Act has and is still available to Missourians.

“We think as far as what we’ve done to this point, we’ve had money out there every day to renters to pay their rents, the ones that can’t to be able to support that. That’s been going on for about 18 months,” Governor Parson said.

Soto with Soto Property Solutions, said just a small handful of his tenants took use of the moratorium. For the ones that did not, they were able to pay with payment plans or rental assistance.

“We did not challenge their declaration. We just accepted it and waited till things got better,” Soto said.

He’s yet to hand out any eviction notices since the moratorium expired, but he said the process of removing a tenant from their home can take weeks.

“We turn it over to an attorney, they file for the eviction, court dates they have to be served and then we go through the court with the attorney sand the judge makes a decision,” Soto said.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said despite the moratorium coming to an end, White House officials are scrambling for a solution.

“The CDC extended the moratorium, not once, but three times. We made clear when we did the last extension, that that would likely be the last extension because of the legal limitations,” Psaki said.

Parson said the state plans to send out rental assistance to those in need as quick as they can.

“Make sure we’re getting it where it needs to go. Make sure we’re getting it to the people who really need it,” Governor Parson said.

If you would like to request rental assistance you can visit the Missouri Housing Development’s website.

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