Colt World Series continues at Rent One Park

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 6:12 PM CDT
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MARION, Ill. (KFVS) - Young baseball players are hitting the field in Marion for Pony Baseball’s second longest-running World Series that is being played at Rent One Ballpark.

The Colt World Series began July 30 and the Championship game begins at 6 p.m. on August 3.

Normally, the tournament is filled with teams across the United States and internationally.

“This year we only have five teams from the continent of the United States. Our international teams could not come because of the restrictions,” said Steve Miller, tournament director of the Colt World Series.

He said the players get the luxury of staying at the hotels right outside of Rent One for the World Series.

“It’s nice they can walk to the stadium and walk back to the hotel. If they want to come and watch a game, go back to the hotel and swim for a while and come back, it’s really nice. They like the arena, they like the atmosphere and they say the people in southern Illinois are friendly so that’s a good thing,” explained Miller.

This is the 67th Colt World Series that has taken place, and the fourth time it is taking place in southern Illinois. After this year, however, the contract is up.

“So, in order to keep the tournament here, we need fans, we need people, we need to show the city of Marion that we want to keep it here. But we’re in hopes that it’ll come back, they have an option for another two years but they have to exercise that option,” said Miller.

As for fans taking in America’s pastime, Bill Young has not missed a single Colt World Series game this year.

“Been to everyone so far,” he said.

Young, a huge baseball fan, said this is why he enjoys watching the youngsters play.

“Just so awesome to see teams from other parts of the country and you’re possibly seeing some future stars, college or maybe even major league,” said Young.

Miller hoped the Colt World Series can stay in Marion.

“Marion’s a good site, Rent One here has been great to play at; everybody’s been cooperating and we’re in hopes that we can keep it right here in southern Illinois and keep people coming back,” he said.

Tickets for tomorrow’s championship game can be found on the Colt World Series website.

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