Cross Country Chase brings foot traffic to businesses in town

Published: Jul. 9, 2021 at 10:14 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Nearly 80 bikers will roll into Cape tomorrow on vintage motorcycle as old as 90 years old, bringing nostalgia and business to the city.

The “Mini Chase Secrets of the Ozarks” (Cross-Country Chase) will end its 5-day long route in the same place it started, downtown Cape Girardeau.

Local businesses owners shared their excitement to see bikers cruise into town and into their businesses.

“It’s always nice to have visitors,” Sharla Green, Co-owner of Spanish Street Farmacy said.

More than 80 visitors will roll their way into Cape Girardeau Saturday as the final stop for the Cross Country Chase. Green said she always looks forward to increased clientele for tourist even like these.

“I think that’s it more appreciated than ever just because of COVID. So, I think it’s exciting to see people’s faces, to have people moving again,” Green said

She said there was an emphasis on supporting local business during the pandemic even from those out of town, she expected no different with this event.

“We’re a food business and we serve farm to fork and we support local farmers and so I think they especially I think they definitely could identify and a relate that,” Green said.

Hank Becker, service manager with Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles, said this event also brings glimpse of the past. He’s even helped restore a vintage motorcycle for the Chase.

“It’s cool to keep the history alive because most people see a modern bike running around and think whatever. But things are pieces of art.”

Vintage motorcycles are not only hard to come by but even harder to keep up with. Maintenance can be up to 3 times more than a modern bike.

“Those guys would only ride them about 200 miles and it wasn’t uncommon for them to break down then,” Becker said.

Becker explained he can’t wait to see the beauty in these machines.

“If anybody’s kept them alive this long it no longer just an original piece of machinery, it’s a whole life.”

Green said she is ready to see the riders make their way to her seats.

“I think that was one of the positives that came from this bad situation of COVID was that people really started to appreciate local businesses.”

You can visit their website for more information on the Cross Country Chase.

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