Missouri House members meet for special session on Medicaid funding

Missouri Capitol/Jefferson City, Mo.
Missouri Capitol/Jefferson City, Mo.(KY3)
Published: Jun. 28, 2021 at 5:21 PM CDT
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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KY3) - Missouri House members met on Monday for their first day of special session on a funding fix for Medicaid.

The House only met for a short time. And not everyone was in attendance. It was a technical session where bills were introduced. They will return for committee hearings Tuesday.

”I think the message of this week is that taking care of our neighbors is more important than any personal political gain or anything else that we’re doing,” said Representative Betsy Fogle.

With today being a technical session, not everyone needed to be here.

”There are certain rules in this building about how many hours something has to sit on the calendar before it can be referred to a committee or before it can be referred to the floor for debate,” said Fogle.

More representatives are expected to be back on Tuesday for committee hearings. This is where bills that have been introduced will be heard.

″My understanding is that there’ll be several bills that are up for that committee, potentially, one of which will be the FRA, which you’ve heard much about, and then the other one is going to be, there’s multiple other bills, but one of those is House Bill Two, which is sponsored by Representative Nick Schroer,” said Walsh.

House Bill 2 has to do with abortions and making sure taxpayer money does not fund it.

“It’s got language in there that would protect public tax dollars from not going towards abortions, and so that’s been a position that I’ve always been supportive of, that there’s no public funding to go towards abortions or abortion affiliates,” said Walsh.

According to Representative Fogle, her goal is to pass a clean FRA.

”You know, my goal in this session, and I think what’s most important to the people in my district and to Springfield watching, we’re here to do one thing, and that’s the pass the Federal Reimbursement Allowance. If we don’t do that, there’s a very real chance that our nursing homes could become underfunded,” said Fogle.

Representative Walsh said she had some concerns over what was passed in the Senate early Saturday morning.

”I myself had concerns that what language that we had in the FRA that the Senate basically passed and sent to us that it really wasn’t sufficient to protect public tax dollars from not going towards abortions, and so I that’s why I believe that House Bill Two is going to be good and that it protects public tax dollars from that,” said Walsh.

The Budget Committee will meet to hear why these bills should have been passed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, house members will likely vote on legislation.

The deadline is July 1.

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