Thousands gather in Metropolis for National archery tournament

Published: Jun. 26, 2021 at 10:06 PM CDT
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METROPOLIS, Ill. (KFVS) - Metropolis, a town with a population of just over thousand, saw an increase of over 2,000 people this weekend for the 25th Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA) Matthews Pro/Am Tour.

“Those 2,000 people on average are generating in the millions of economic impact,” Michael Tyrell, President of ASA said.

Tyrell canceled last year’s tour due to COVID-19, but this year they returned to their usual number of participants and the town is feeling the effects.

“Unfortunately for Metropolis, they don’t have enough hotels to accommodate as many people as we bring in,” Tyrell said.

He said nearly 1,800 Archers travel miles for this event, bringing in millions to hotels and restaurants in Metropolis and surrounding areas like Paducah.

“You start breaking it down at about $100 per person per day times 2 thousand people. You start to see the money that this actually can benefit the community,” Tyrell said.

Archers, Gracelyn Chamberis and Brian Flaherty traveled from the East Coast for this weekend’s event. They both said they’ve missed big tournaments like these, and meeting the big crowds that come with it.

“The amount of people that show up to these events is just incredible. Some tournaments where I’ve heard there’s almost 2,000 archers,” Chamberis said.

“You take for granted what you have when you don’t see them for very long and all of a sudden you get back and you’re like hey, hey remember me,” Flaherty said.

Tyrell explained he’s thankful for the support and help form the community.

“The people here are just super accommodating, and I hope we can come back here for many years to come,” Tyrell said.

The Matthews Pro/AM tour will conclude Sunday at 1 p.m. Their next tour will be in Cullman, Alabama

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