Blue prints released for potential entertainment options at Illinois Center Mall

Updated: Jun. 14, 2021 at 7:22 PM CDT
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MARION, IL. (KFVS) - Monday evening, The City of Marion released blueprints for potential future entertainment options at the Illinois Center Mall.

Changes would include the inside and the outside of the mall, as well as the surrounding property it sits on.

The City of Marion’s Chief of Staff Cody Moake says that could potentially include a Big Shots Golf course, new soccer and baseball/softball fields, indoor go-carts, a rock climbing wall and indoor sky diving.

“The idea here is that, that we want people to not want to leave the area. So you can vacation anywhere in the world, you have that option. But the developers kind of look at this as an opportunity to keep you here. A lot of people locally say well kids don’t have anything to do on the weekends. If any of this comes true and we’re fortunate enough that the developers want to make this investment, that phrase will never be spoken again.” says Moake.

Moake said building athletic fields could help change the area.

“Well we’re right in the middle of Memphis, St. Louis, Indianapolis. So, if we could build a big soccer complex or baseball/softball complex we could see some of those tournaments hosted here. And so we see families coming into the area, we see kids enjoying everything that is potentially out there to offer and we have a developers willing to make that investment and really change the landscape for the next several years.” says Moake.

Moake says the city is excited for the potential and hopes their plans come true in the very near future.

First, a study needs to be conducted to see whether or not this is viable to get done in the area.

Moake says that study could take anywhere between six to eight months.

Moake also says they don’t have the full numbers yet, but all these projects could bring millions of dollars in changes to the mall with renovations and building.

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