Heat and humidity return to the Heartland

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 4:38 PM CDT
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CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - The temperatures are beginning to rise across the Heartland as we creep closer to summer.

As temperatures were scorching hot Friday afternoon, camps at Touch of Nature and the Southern Seven Health Department said to continuously drink water and take breaks from the Heat.

“the outdoors is all about preparation,” said Brian Croft, Assistant Director of Outdoor education and recreation at Touch of Nature.

He said how much of an importance they emphasize staying hydrated.

“Make sure that they’re constantly drinking water. We do water bottle checks all the time, and all the kids will hold up there water bottles, I have mine, and then it’s just making sure we have access to water. And just kind of monitoring them,” said Croft.

With excessive heat and humidity the campers on warm days like today, campers are finding a way to cool off.

“We are extremely lucky to have the lakeside access that you talked about. And having that water source that we’re just hey we’re just going to jump in the water,” said Croft.

Shawnna Rhine, Community Outreach coordinator Southern Seven Health, talks about how important it is to find some shade on a hot day like today.

“You do want to make sure there is a place where you can go if things do begin to get warm for you. So you have an opportunity to cool down. So staying cool during these warmer months is very important,” said Rhine.

Rhine said if you start to notice these physical signs, “Dizziness, confusion, headache, severe sweating and in some cases not sweating at all.” It’s time to take a cool down break and drink some water and find a cooler spot to relax.

This is a tip Rhine gives for parents sending their children to summer camps.

“We’ll just like your self, you want to make sure your children are well hydrated before you go outdoors. And give them stopping points throughout the day to have a little bit of an activity break. Make sure there is shade available for them, and if possible this is a good time to get that sprinkler going or get those kiddy pools out and about,” said Rhine.

Back to camp, Croft said it’s so important to monitor the hottest parts of the day.

“Know the hottest times of the day, like it’s going to get hot around 1-2 O’clock and it’s going to stay there till about 4-4:30. Sunscreen we haven’t talked about. Sunscreen is key,” said Croft.

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