Black bear visits a porch in Ste. Genevieve

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 8:58 PM CDT
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STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo. (KFVS) - An unexpected guest showed up at a Ste. Genevieve couple’s front door, and a security camera captured the wild visit.

The homeowner, Randy Vessell, said he heard a strange noise while watching Netflix with his wife.

“I didn’t really know what it was, pretty good size, the back of it, and we feed kitties out there, so I thought, ‘well, I better get out and swoo this dog or whatever off.’ As soon as I looked out the side window, I noticed it was a bear,” said Vessell.

The black bear stayed on Vessell’s front porch from about 9:45 until 10 o’clock at night and helped itself to a treat from the bird feeder.

“The wife made a concoction of two pieces of bread and peanut butter, and it was just taking its good ol’ time, eating a little snack,” said Vessell.

“The bears are very opportunistic eaters, so they’re always looking for a meal,” said Ben Stratton, Cape Girardeau County’s conservation agent. “When the bears come out of hibernation and the younger males are kind of looking for their own place to exist, getting pushed out by their mothers or something like that, and they’re just kind of doing their own thing, looking for other bears, looking for their own habitat, and that’s usually what we see.”

“He finally kinda took a step down this way and was looking over there, so I opened the door, up, and this was kind of crazy, when I opened it up, he just turned around, just looked right at me. I yelled, ‘Get out of here,’ and he took off fast,” said Vessell.

Days after the visit, Vessell said the video was a welcomed sight on social media.

“People are amazed. They want an autograph,” he said.

According to Vessell, he found out after the visit, there have been a few recent bear sightings near his house.

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