Heartland fireworks store prepares for shortage

Updated: Jun. 8, 2021 at 9:30 PM CDT
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SCOTT CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - If you’re planning your own home fireworks show for Independence Day, you may not get the bang for your buck you expect.

“There will be about 20 percent less fireworks available to be purchased,” said Rick Hoffman, owner of Hoffman Family Fireworks.

Which explained the current empty shelves at Hoffman Family Fireworks in Scott City.

“A lot of the smaller items, the snaps, the smokeballs, the sparklers, they are going to be on limited supply,” Hoffman said.

Rick Hoffman said the shortage comes from an increase in orders combined with fewer workers at the plants they buy from in China.

That’s causing Hoffman to buy his products early, at a higher price.

“The unfortunate part is we had to pay a lot more in shipping nationwide this year for fireworks,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman said they bought their shipment last year in July 2020, and nearly 40 percent of their shipment has yet to arrive.

He recommended you buy your firework as soon as you can

“Start on the 20th of June,” Hoffman said.

Powder Monkey Fireworks set up a stand in Cape Girardeau in 2020and will open back up on the 20th.

Chris Sander said your best bet is to buy as soon as you can.

“Fireworks are really established here. I think there will be people coming every surrounding state to Missouri to get the fireworks,” Sander said.

Despite supply issues, Sander still expected plenty of customers looking to enjoy the holiday with a fireworks show all their own.

“I think it will still kind of be like last year where you celebrate liberty and freedom at home in your backyard or with some neighbors,” Sander said.

Hoffman said he expected to have his full shipment in by June 20, the first day of fireworks sales in Missouri.

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