Chaffee police receive new bulletproof vests

The five-man police department in Chaffee, Mo. will outfit all full-time officers with new...
The five-man police department in Chaffee, Mo. will outfit all full-time officers with new bulletproof vests.(Jeremy J. Ford)
Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 5:29 PM CDT
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CHAFFEE, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland police department will be getting some updated bullet proof vests.

The City of Chaffee recently received a 50 percent grant reimbursement to help cover the costs, making it affordable for every department officer.

“I support the blue 100 percent. And you know, if it keeps them safe, I’m on board 100 percent,” said local business owner Alan Pendergrass.

He said he’s happy knowing that local law enforcement is doing all they can to protect its citizens and themselves.

“Whatever it is that keeps them safe because there about protecting us. And we have got to have their backs and protect them too,” he said.

He said violent crime is not a big issue in Chaffee.

“You’ve got drugs, you know you’ve got petty theft. People stealing stuff just like anywhere else,” Pendergrass said. “Overall, it’s pretty safe I think.”

But it’s good to know the officers are prepared for the worst.

“They have all kinds of equipment. Police cars, guns, whatever else they need. But, something that is going to protect them and fit properly also is 100 percent something that we should do for these people that are protecting us,” he said.

City Administrator Lee Horton said the current vests are only rated for five years, so it was time to replace them.

“You don’t want to make the mistake of going to six. We also have a couple of new officers that didn’t have vests so they need vests as well,” Horton said.

As a small department, with only five full-time officers, Horton said it’s important to keep those officers safe.

With departments across the Heartland having trouble hiring new officers, he said having the latest equipment is a great way to help lure them in.

“We have been very fortunate not to have any issues requiring vest protection but the world is changing. So, you never know what could happen it’s better to be proactive.”

The total cost for the vests was just over $10,000 with half of the cost covered by the grant.

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