Cleveland pet businesses see spike in clients because of pandemic puppy boom

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 1:15 PM CDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The pandemic may not have brought the baby boom experts were expecting, but what it did bring was a dog boom.

“Right away when the shut down happened we went down about 50% to 60% attendance for day care and 100% in boarding,” said Paws Play owner Teressa Doaty.

Her business at 1277 East 12th Street made a complete 180 as health restrictions began to lessen.

“It was fortunate that people began to get puppies,” said Doaty " they wanted someone at home to keep them company or they’re saying since I’m at home I have time to spend with them train them”.

But that time for many has run out, and places like Paws Play are stepping in to help ease some anxiety for both pets and new pet parents.

“This is the longest I’ve been without him please send me a picture,” Doaty said parents tell her.

Before you drop off your dog and head back to work here are some things you should consider.

“Unless it really is your new normal where you’re always going to be at home and never not going to be with them you don’t want them to get so acclimated that they struggle,” said Doaty.

Doaty suggests that before fully heading back to work put your pet in an area by themselves during the day for short periods of time so they gain their confidence and independence.

“It is a struggle for them at first the initial shock, like what’s going on I’ve been at home with my favorite person and now here I am,” said Doaty.

71% of pet parents say they could not have survived 2020 without their pet.

Now, they’ve gained a “furever” friend to help them get through the years to come.

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