Southeast Mo. community assembles crime watch meeting

Published: May. 25, 2021 at 6:39 PM CDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Some Poplar Bluff residents are taking action to prevent future crime.

Part of the solution is establishing neighborhood watch groups.

”We had 2 break-ins, in a six-month period last weekend and I was just really frustrated with how it was going,” said Rhyah Fletcher.

Fletcher created the Butler County Crime Watch Facebook page after she personally became a victim.

The page is almost a year old now and many of the crimes have been solved.

“Just since we started it we’ve had people find their bicycles that’s been stolen. Just from tips from the group. So, it’s already started to make an impact in the community,” said Fletcher.

Fletcher says, just having the Facebook page wasn’t enough, so the community is coming together to form a neighborhood watch.

“I think neighborhoods need to get back together. They need to join forces. Have a positive dialogue with the city police and make some changes,” said Robert Duckett, community organizer.

Duckett said he feels it’s time Butler County residents took a stand.

“There has to be a solution... police can only do so much. They cannot be everywhere, all at once,” said Duckett.

So, he decided to take action first, by calling attention to the crime and then assembling a community meeting.

“The main purpose of it is, to get the information out there. Right now, people are looking for a solution, they’re looking for answers. A plan of action. And I’m hoping by having this meeting we can facilitate people to give them that information and let them make the decision of what they can do in their own neighborhoods,” said Duckett.

The Butler County crime watch meeting is scheduled for June 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Fitch Hillis Funeral home in downtown Poplar Bluff.

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