City of Cape Girardeau engineers hope to improve pedestrian safety on Kingshighway

Pedestrian safety concerns in Cape

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - North Kingshighway is one of the busiest streets in Arena Park area.

“The fact that we have a lot of pedestrians within that area and not safe crossing allowed there, this will provide for the residents that live on the other side of Kingshighway to safely now come to our park area,” said Renita Green, a pastor and advocate in the community.

She’s been working to prevent future pedestrian accidents.

A few ways to improve safety for pedestrian involves the construction of safety cross walks and walking paths.

“Some sidewalk improvements that will get people to the police station safe, across Kingshighway safely then and it kind of gets us geared for additional sidewalk improvements we can add at a later time or apply for future grants,” Green said.

In December 2019, a pedestrian was seriously hurt when she was hit by a vehicle.

The woman was hit while trying to cross Kingshighway at dusk.

”One of our unsheltered friends, her name was Crystal, she was hit by a car a couple of years ago, very bad car accident, we did not expect her to live. She is continuing, she will probably never return to independent life her injuries were so bad,” said Green.

Kelly Green, the city engineer of Cape Girardeau said the city was awarded a $400,000 federal matching grant to improve pedestrian safety on North Kingshighway.

“We applied for pedestrian signals at the intersection of Kingshighway and Kiwanis Drive and Cape Rock,” said Green.

The money will be used to for an intersection design plan for pedestrians and bikers, in hopes of preventing future accidents

“We knew about the accident that had occurred at Kingshighway last year, a pedestrian accident that occurred there, and we had been looking into sidewalks since other safety improvements in that general area anyway,” Green said.

The city hopes the improvements will make that intersection safer for pedestrians.

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