Cape Central students learn how government works from city leaders

Youth in government day in Cape

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Cape Central High School students got a chance to see how their local government works through a mini-virtual Youth in Government Day event on Tuesday, May 4.

Students were able to gather in small groups and learn programs presented by city departments including those in city hall, police department, public works and more.

They also heard from Mayor Bob Fox and City Clerk Gayle Conrad, as well as experienced a mock Cape Girardeau City Council meeting.

“We try to make them productive citizens. That’s what the course is about,” AP U.S. Government teacher Marty Vines said. “Not only just voting but just how your government works and works for all the people. Some of them get very interested in it and possibly seek a career in it.”

We talked with students in the AP Government course who said this is necessary to understand how different areas of the city works to prepare them for the real world.

“It’s important for us to know and stay involved,” said. “We have a voice and we have a role in our local government and if we don’t use it, then we are wasting it. So, the more we can connect with our local city members, I think the better the city is going to be in the long run.”

This year was done virtually to ensure COVID-19 safety.

The program was canceled in 2020 when school was out of session.

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