Heartland artist creates Downtown Cape Girardeau mural

Heartland artist creates Downtown Cape Girardeau mural

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland artist is spreading positivity through art to help bring more people to the community.

“I just hope people just smile when they see it,” Malcolm McCrae said.

McCrae is talking about “A Wish of Hope,” a mural of bold, bright colors. It’s part of his campaign “Pollinate Cape,” using Mother Nature as an inspiration.

“Just like birds and bees pollinate the Earth, we use art and creativity to pollinate the Earth with positive images,” McCrae said.

He said the mural has been in the works for 10 years. It’s a collaboration with the Cape Parks and Rec and the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri.

“It’s been incredible, some of the support of people just walking by. It’s a win win for the city, it’s a win win for visitors, it’s a win win for people want to spend money downtown Cape Girardeau,” McCrae said.

Volunteers who are working on the wall said it will attract more people to the area and inspire more people in creative ways.

“To see that Cape is really an artistic area, and has an artistic community. Even if it’s not seen all the time but what this can lead to and what other people wanting to get involved can bring to the table,” Cayman Smith said.

“I know just to have something like this in Cape is a big deal, because it’s going to up so much,” Micheal Curry said.

McCrae hopes the mural will encourage people, just like the bright colors that represent the bright future of the city and young generation.

“She’s a representation of the future. So, when you see the flower that she’s blowing, you see the seeds coming out of the piece those represent the future and hope,” McCrae said.

McCrae anticipated the mural to be complete in August.

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