Hundreds attend Jackson in Bloom event

Hundreds attend Jackson in Bloom event

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - The Uptown Jackson Revitalization Organization’s annual spring event, Jackson in Bloom, was held today in Jackson with hundreds of people stopping by.

There will be numerous activities, vendors, food and merchant specials.

One vendor we spoke with said it’s great to be back out amongst people and introduce them and help them with her plants.

“People are excited to be out and it feels normal again,” Old Stone Farms Brenda Kurtz said. “It’s just good to share life and have conversations with people about what they’re concerned about this time of year in their yard. A lot of people they just maybe don’t have experience or they want to learn more so I just kind of give them advice with the situation they’re wanting to fix in their lawn.”

Kurtz feels this event is a great opportunity for local businesses.

“It’s so good for local businesses to be able to showcase what they offer and to have the opportunity for so many people to gather and to be in one spot,” Kurtz said. “I think it would be awesome if we could have more vendors and with that, hopefully more foot traffic too because it promotes local business and that’s very important.”

Jackson in Bloom also encourages all local businesses and residents to show their pride in the community by planting colorful blooming plants and trees throughout Jackson.

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