Dexter Police Dept. builds new evidence room

Deter Police Dept. builds new evidence room

DEXTER, Mo. (KFVS) - Storing evidence for decades adds up, which causes some storage problems at one Heartland police department.

Officers in Dexter found a solution.

Employees at the Dexter Police Department added a new building to better store evidence, as well as create a big enough space to come together.

“We’ve had the same building for approximately 20 years now and we’ve just, over time, outgrown it,” Captain of Field Operations Joshua Benton said.

Benton said it’s more than a storage problem.

“It’s just unsafe for our technicians to work in there,” Benton said.

The majority of the building is used to store evidence, but the other part of it can be useful in many ways.

“Anytime we had a department meeting, we had to borrow other buildings just to be able to house our employees, so now we can host this as a training facility as well,” he said.

They can also use it during natural disasters.

“We can use as an emergency operations center for the city of Dexter. We can set up a mobile command here,” he said.

Thomas Forkum will be an evidence technician, so he’s looking forward to working in the new space.

“I would not want to have to go back to that old building, it’s going to be good, it’s going to be easy to learn and easy for us to take over,” he said.

They’re still working on putting some finishing touches on the outside of the building.

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