Heartland mother searches for mystery good Samaritan

Heartland mother searches for mystery good Samaritan

BENTON, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland mother is in search for a mystery Samaritan who helped her daughter and friend in a car wreck, in hopes of saying “thank you” in person.

“She was just an angel in the time of need,” Jane Ruff said.

Today Jane Ruff shares laughs and giggles with her daughter Amory Robinson and her friend Aiyanna Dannenmueller, just days after the two girls were in a car accident.

“I was home and cleaning up the house, the phone rang and it was her phone and I answered and heard this calm voice. She said my name is Lakiesha and your daughter has been in an accident and everything is going to be ok,” Ruff said.

Ruff explained the person who goes by Lakeisha called from her daughter’s phone and stayed on the line until the ambulance arrived.

“I never got to see her, never got to meet her. She just stayed on the phone with me,” Ruff said.

Now she wants to get the chance to say “thank you.” She shared her gratitude via a Facebook post, in hopes it would find the unknown Samaritan.

“Up until today I haven’t seen anybody find out who she is,” Ruff said.

Amory and Aiyanna said they don’t remember much of the accident, but recall a soothing voice assuring they were safe.

“She was just saying, it’s going to be ok it’s going to be alright,” Aiyanna Dannenmueller said.

“She stuck with me while her mom was stuck and she helped me and Aiyanna,” Amory Robinson said.

Ruff said she is thankful somebody was there to comfort the girls during the wreck.

She’s happy to see there are people who care.

“Out of all the hate and everything in the world it’s just good to know there is good people out there,” Ruff said.

Jayne is still looking for this unknown angel, if you have any information, you can reach out on Noelle Williams KFVS Facebook page.

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