Heartland students get hands on experience in engineering

Heartland students get hands on experience in engineering

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -Christine Lin, a pros engineer for Proctor & Gamble, is one of the Mission Possible team coordinators.

“As engineers at Proctor & Gamble, we think it is important to give back to the community,” said Lin.

The Mission Possible team is a joint collaboration program, by Proctor & Gamble and the Cape Central Middle School, that fosters a mentoring environment to help students focus on the first steps of career planning.

The program allows students who are interested in engineering to test their creativity with various projects.

“I think that the students are excited to see us every month. We always bring new and fun projects every month from an egg drop, parachutes, to even launching bottle rockets,” said Lin.

For this design, students are using popsicle sticks and syringes to lift pieces of candy.

“The mission possible team meets every third Thursday of the month. This Thursday we are building a nematic system. It’s essentially using two syringes that will lift candy. Super fun, super easy,” stated Christine Lin.

Proctor & Gamble employees are hands-on with the students and their projects.

“It’s a nice way to spend time after school and to be involved in the STEM Community,” said Lin.

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