Cape Girardeau Islamic Center prepares for Ramadan one year after fire

Cape Girardeau Islamic Center prepares for Ramadan one year after fire

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - At the start of this year’s Ramadan the Cape Girardeau Islamic Center has plans to recover from arson that happened last year. A member with the center shares how they plan to do so.

“Before the pandemic we used this center often, and during Ramadan we used it daily” Ronia Roumany said.

A year later after the Islamic center in Cape Girardeau went up in flames, members still cannot enter, forcing them to participate in Ramadan similar to last April.

“We practiced Ramadan individually, rather here as it used to be at the center” Roumany said.

Roumany is a member at the Islamic Center in Cape Girardeau. Her and other members at the center are preparing for the start of Ramadan on Tuesday, which includes a month long of fasting and praying.

She said members normally gather at the center at the end of Ramadan to celebrate. Last year they missed the gathering, because of the fire, and on top of that, the pandemic.

“We had almost 50 plus people attending services” Roumany said.

Because of remaining damages from the fire, they have shifted to their dining hall, which she explained is not big enough for all their members to fit and abide by CDC guidelines at the same time.

“Would you say about 10 to 15 people?” ... “Less” Roumany said.

However, Roumany said they are hopeful this will soon change, as they have received nearly 183 thousand dollars on their GoFundMe account in hopes of a new and improved building.

“We will have the phase 1, which is the demolition after April, and then we will move to phase 2 which is rebuilding” Roumany said.

She said this time is hard, but the support from the community has made it easier.

“Without their support and help we could not do it... Thanking the community for their support, and we are really blessed to be in Cape Girardeau” Roumany said.

Roumany says the Islamic Center is still taking donations, you can click here for more information.

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