New Chaffee retail sales tax could improve storm water drainage

New Chaffee retail sales tax could improve storm water drainage

CHAFFEE, Mo. (KFVS) - Many Chaffee residents deal with flooding problems in ditches and around streets in town.

A new retail sales tax could help solve the problem.

“It floods onto the street so it’s kind of annoying when you have to drive through it,” resident, Nancy Dements said.

“The water gets all the way up into our basement and we’ve tried everything to keep it out and it just gets worse and worse each year,” resident, Kayran Smith said.

But with the new half of one percent retail sales tax that passed Tuesday, it will give the city more funding to solve the flooding problems.

“We can address it properly and maybe even alleviate it completely,” City Administrator, Lee Horton said.

According to Horton, the sales tax could bring in an additional 55 thousand dollars.

“It’ll be a big help; I mean we have really been underfunded when it comes to storm water and cleaning up ditches and things like that,” Horton said.

He said a lot of the problems come from neglect over the years.

“Some ditches have even been filled in for parking and things like that so we hope to correct those issues,” he said.

Installing an underground water flow system could help with drainage under parking lots.

“A lot of it will be just re-digging old ditches you know digging them out, putting in more culverts in areas,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to not seeing the street all flooded up looking like a river,” Smith said.

Funds collected from the sales tax will also be used to maintain and improve city parks as well.

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