Heartland reacts to President Biden gun executive actions

Heartland reacts to President Biden gun executive actions

MARION, IL. (KFVS) -President Joe Biden spoke Thursday morning about gun reform in America. He said that gun violence in this country is an epidemic.

President Biden is focusing on an issue that’s stretched over many decades, that’s gun violence.

“Today we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis but what is actually a public health crisis,” said Biden

Tombstone Gun Range Owner David Kemp believes more of a burden is being placed on citizens who legally own weapons.

“I’m really to the point point where me and a lot of people like myself are getting sick and tired of the law abiding citizens, the burden being put on us, the burden shouldn’t be on us,” said Kemp.

With multiple bans being put on firearms. Kemp said this: “Every time we take one little step towards ‘hey we’re going to ban bump stocks, we’re going to ban arm braces, we’re going to get rid of this thing or that.’ That’s just one step closer and one step closer to eventually somebody saying, ‘Hey, you don’t need guns at all.’”

Today President Biden wants serial numbers attached to so called “Ghost guns.” But Kemp, said this about those weapons.

“The people that are buying these kits are recreational shooters they’re law abiding citizens they like the project of building a gun and they spend lots of money on these things, because they’re not cheap,” said Kemp.

Lastly, Biden wants to give states the ability to allow courts to rule on taking away a gun in an emergency situation, called Red Flag law.

President Biden also said this about the constitutional law this morning as he spoke.

“Nothing, nothing in about to recommend in any way In fringes on the second amendment,” said Biden.

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