Organic Remedies prepares to open new location in Cape Girardeau

2nd medical marijuana dispensary to open in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Organic Remedies is preparing to open a new location in Cape Girardeau by hosting open houses for community groups throughout the week.

Organic Remedies is a new dispensary for Cape Girardeau patients.

The company said its biggest commitment is patient advocacy and community education.

Part of that is having first responders and healthcare providers come in to tour the facility and ask any questions they may have.

“We’ve got a week-long plan for open houses to educate people, because I think there’s still a big misunderstanding about what medical marijuana is, and that’s not something that’s going to change overnight,” said Eric Hauser, president of Organic Remedies. “But we feel the more that we can educate people and the more we can open this up to the general public and let them see what we’re doing and the good that’s coming from it, we feel that that will get a lot of traction and acceptance.”

The company said it tries to employ as many pharmacists as possible on its staff because they believe that having trained health care professionals is integral to patient success, even though it is something that is only required in four of the 33 states that have medical marijuana programs.

“One of the unique things with medical marijuana is that there are no prescriptions. So it’s much different than going to a traditional drug store. You come in with a card that allows you to purchase products, but that doesn’t really set you up for success and relief of symptoms, so we leverage the experience of our pharmacist team to make sure that patients are getting products that will actually help them with their medical conditions,” Hauser said.

The company said it prides itself on being something different than traditional pharmaceuticals and providing a new experience for patients.

“We’re excited to be in this medical marijuana space because we see it as a disruptor to health care. What I’ve seen in the last three years in Pennsylvania, as we’ve helped patients, I see us helping patients in ways that traditional pharmaceuticals and prescriptions can’t,” Hauser said.

Organic Remedies will also be opening a cultivation and manufacturing facility in Chaffee, Mo. in the coming months.

Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox expressed how excited he is for the new income and jobs that will be created in the southeast Missouri region.

“We are very happy to have this new business in our city, and Chaffee is very happy to have the facility in this region. I understand that it’s going to employ a lot of people, if we can find the people to work,” Mayor Fox said.

The company said it will also offer new employment opportunities, support local veteran’s organizations, participate in the community outreach events and give back to the community through charitable contributions.

Organic Remedies will offer Sativa, Indica and high CBD Strains, as well as formulated products that are part CBD and part THC.

An official opening date has not been announced yet, but they are hoping for sometime in mid-April.

This is one of three stores they have planned to open in Missouri for now. The other two are in Sedalia and St. Louis.

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