Beekeepers prepare for bee swarming season

Bee swarming season

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As temperatures rise you may notice swarms of bees, however, this is good thing.

Due to a law, you may have to buzz your local beekeeper instead of an exterminator if you have a bee problem.

“You’ll see a lot more of them now that it’s warmed up,” Gary Schuessler said.

Gary Schuessler is an exterminator at Advanced Pest Control Systems in Cape Girardeau.

He said every year he receives calls about bees in people’s home.

But now, he may no longer be your go-to guy, because of law that protects pollinators like bees.

“We have to give a beekeeper a chance to get them out of the walls or out of wherever there are. Honey bees especially are protected,” Schuessler said.

That’s when you would call Jeff Mayfield, beekeeper for Riverbend Honey, in Cape Girardeau.

“It’s Mother Nature’s way of making more bees, making more hives,” Mayfield said.

In 2017, the Pollinator Protection Act was passed to stop the use of pesticide sprays to kill bees and help continue pollination.

“There’s a lot of different studies with pesticides hurting the bees. There are different viruses they can get, that hurts the bees,” Mayfield said.

He explained bees usually swarm starting in April and stop in May.

“In the Spring they work really hard to get enough bees, to make another hive,” Mayfield said.

Usually, these creatures are not aggressive during this time.

He said it is best to call a professional for proper and safe use of the bees.

“We’ll put them in a hive like one of these back here, and use it to make honey, use it to pollinate, whatever the beekeeper does,” Mayfield said.

He said it’s important people understand bees are necessary for the for the environment.

“So, the fewer bees, the less pollination we get,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield said if you notice bees swarming in or near your house to call a beekeeper immediately.

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