Mounds, Ill. residents see high water bills

Struggling to catch up

MOUNDS, Ill. (KFVS) - For the past couple months, residents in Mounds have seen higher water bills.

Some residents may think it’s due to the recent city dispute with South Water Incorporation who supplies the city water, but the city said some people are just not caught up on their bills.

“We’re trying to work with you, and I know that it’s hard sometimes, but just work with us and we’ll work with you,” said Mayor Rita Flummer, who often hears the complaints about the recent spike in water bill charges.

She said it’s not the city’s doing.

“We were paying our bill, but it was so much there for a while that we couldn’t pay the whole thing at once,” she said. “So, every time we didn’t get it all paid at once we kept adding penalties and things on to it.”

She said now that situation has been rectified, and the city’s bills are paid up.

“So, it was nothing the citizens are going to have to do. We are taking care of that ourselves. And our bill was raised but it was time to raise it, we hadn’t raised it for two years,” she explained.

Mayor Flummer said it isn’t the direct result of the city water supplier, it’s the responsibility of the consumer to make sure they don’t have leaks and that they pay their bill on time.

“I think a lot of the people that are having trouble with it right now is because they will pay their bill, but if they do not pay their bill in full before that, there’s an overage and it keeps going on as a penalty for not paying the late fee,” he said.

Flummer recommended residents pay their bill in full, to keep the fees down, and if a resident does have trouble paying their bills, they can ask the city for help and be set up on a payment arrangement.

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