Breaking Bonds Ministries launches recovery program in the Heartland

Faith-Based Treatment Center helps men with alcohol and drug addictions

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - A new faith-based treatment center opened near Jackson earlier this year.

It’s focused on providing treatment to men with drug and alcohol addictions

Brandon Murphy is the director of Breaking Bonds Ministries. The organization provide a faith-based treatment center for men with drug and alcohol addictions.

“A lot of times when you’re in addiction, and you’re ready for help, you don’t have the resources to check yourself in somewhere,” said Murphy.

There are three phases to the seven-month recovery program. The first phase focuses on the biblical foundation. Phase two begins to focus on getting the men ready to tackle the real world again. The participants will attend 18, three-hour workshops over nine weeks.

“It is a residential program,” Murphy said. “The men stay here on site out here on County Road 637 and they stay here for seven months.”

Murphy said the current facility houses up to 15 men.

He wants to eventually build a dorm to house up to 40 men.

“Breaking Bonds Ministries is completely free to the men that want to come and get help,” he said.

Every Monday and Tuesday the participants are in class all day long the first six months that they are there.

Breaking Bonds will help them find work, transportation and guidance in court proceedings.

Murphy said they try to find the men employment, a place to live and assistance with suspended drivers licenses through the entire process.

“That last month is basically them trying to get their life in order, what are their plans when they leave the ministry and what do their plans look like outside of the program,” said Murphy.

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