Southeast Mo. State raises awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Southeast Missouri State kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness month

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

On Thursday, April 1, the SEMO Campus Violence Prevention Program kicked off the month with a Safety Jar event.

“We’re offering to students today is the creation making a safety jar, which is essentially a little teal light with a teal ribbon that essentially represents that they are a safe person to go to if somebody has experienced violence.”

Students made safety jars that tell everyone that they are an ally in the fight against sexual violence.

Students and faculty also tied teal ribbons on trees to remind people of the realities of violence in our communities.

“We have this program created for the awareness, education, prevention of sexual assault and interpersonal violence, which is something that is very important and that’s why were out here kind of doing different events like this to help promote that awareness,” said Emily Heinlein.

Latasha Monday student at Southeast Missouri said we all know that sexual assault is something that happens often.

She said she feels that it is an uncomfortable topic to talk about it, so even just seeing the ribbons and seeing all of the people that are involved could get someone who has been assaulted to either disclose or feel that they are not alone in the situation.

“It’s days just like this is perfect, us getting the information out there are different groups and organizations on campus that help any victims to help know that they’re not alone,” said Monday.

The group plans to hold several more events to raise awareness about sexual violence this month.

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