Tattoo shops experience increase in clientele

Updated: Mar. 30, 2021 at 9:28 PM CDT
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - More people are getting inked as COVID-19 vaccines and stimulus checks rollout, leaving local tattoo shops booked and busy.

“It’s only gotten busier,” Heather Carmack said.

Carmack is the owner of Tried-and-True Salon Piercing and Tattoo in Cape Girardeau.

She said her shop shut down in the beginning of the pandemic, just seven weeks later they opened and booked a few weeks out.

Now some artists have appointments months in advance.

“It didn’t really slow down a whole lot for us... especially with the stimulus and stuff like that coming in,” said Carmack.

She said people looking for ways to spend their stimulus money is not the only reason clientele has increased.

“With more people getting vaccinated and things like that, it’s helped out a whole lot,” said Carmack.

Jason Beuchaw is a traveling tattoo artist and owns Black Velvet Tattoos in Cape Girardeau.

He said he even started working out of other shops during the pandemic

“That’s when I started getting phone calls from friends out of state, like ‘hey man can you come out and work for me, we kind of got a bit crazy going on here,’” said Beuchaw.

He explained people are more comfortable sitting in the tattoo chair for the same reasons, vaccine rollout and stimulus payments.

“As soon as everybody was like ok, we can get out and about again, everything picked right back up,” said Beuchaw.

Both Carmack and Beachaw said those who come in are getting riskier with their tattoos.

“People are getting a lot bigger pieces than getting something small. So, they’re getting like full sleeves, or big thigh piece,” said Carmack.

“They started feeling like they can do a bit more. Making it through 2020 you can do anything,” said Beachaw.

Carmack and Beauchaw said masks are required during while in the tattoo shops, and recommend calling ahead before making appointments.

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