Summer camp organizers expect big turnout

Return of summer camps across the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU CO., Mo. (KFVS) - Some families in the Heartland plan their summer around kids camps. Most were shut down last year due to COVID-19, and some parents and camp organizers in the Heartland are ready to get back.

Cape Girardeau’s Recreation Supervisor, Chris Eastridge, said they still had summer camps in 2020, but enforced safety guidelines.

“They weren’t necessarily full because we kind of minimized our numbers with COVID and everything, but they all had between 10 and 20 kids in them,” Eastridge said.

This year he expects more kids to sign up.

“Just because of the fact that people are so excited to get going and getting back to somewhat of a normal life,” he said,

Jennifer Fulford said she and her husband felt comfortable putting her kids in Cape Girardeau’s camps last summer and plan to do it again.

“It went hand in hand with what we were doing at home so we felt like we had a good partner there with Cape Parks and Rec,” Fulford said.

She said her kids benefit from staying active.

“The social activities that our children are accustomed to and they just need, psychology, to prosper in their own way. That was important to us that they still have those opportunities,” she said.

Boy Scout camps are coming back this summer after canceling last year due to safety concerns.

Senior District Executive, Ashley Metelski said she’s hearing positive feedback from parents about returning.

“Our adults love camp just as much as the youth do and so we know that they’re really excited to get back to the normalcy of things while still maintaining a safe code environment,” Metelski said.

Both organizations plan to enforce safety guidelines for all camps this summer.

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