Kentucky transitions to new driver’s license services

Kentucky transitions to new driver’s license services

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - A big change is coming to drivers across the state of Kentucky when it comes to driver’s licenses.

Starting in April the state says they are making a transition to a more secure and modern system.

“I feel like they’re overstepping their bounds, they don’t need to be here because this is already established,” said McCracken County resident Michelle Sigler.

She said she isn’t ready for the state to make changes to Kentucky’s licensing system.

“Everything is working just fine as it always has, right now like it is. I don’t know why they want to come in and step in and take over and have everybody move stuff when everything is fine. What are they doing?” she said.

In a matter of weeks, driver’s license services will move from the McCracken Co. Courthouse to the Hipp building.

Some residents say this is just one more way the government is getting involved in their personal lives.

“We need to do more of the stuff locally. They don’t need to step in and take over stuff,” said Danny Garrett. “Everything will be more complicated. It will take longer to get anything done. And it’s not likely to be done right.”

Motor Vehicle Commissioner Matt Cole said the new program is a change that will allow Kentuckians to be more mobile.

“This is going to offer them the ability to go to any regional office. It really provides more opportunities and more choices for them. We wanted to offer as many choices as possible,” Cole said.

These choices will range from the type of ID you can get to the length of time your license is valid.

“That was a big thing for us. We know with customer service, when they have options, they can find one that they like better,” said Cole.

Kim Channell with the McCracken County Circuit Court says the transfer of the driver’s license responsibilities from the courthouse to the new regional office will only affect her office staffing and other responsibilities in a minor way.

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