Heartland churches prepare for bigger congregations 2021 Easter Sunday

Churches prepare for bigger congregations 2021 Easter Sunday

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - As COVID-19 vaccines continue to rollout and restrictions continue to relax, people are starting to fill the pews at churches again.

In 2020, many churches switched from in-person to virtual services because of the pandemic, forcing church goers to celebrate Easter through a screen.

“Last year, 2020, our Easter was virtual, and we had over 20,000 people join us online,” Chris Vaught, the lead Pastor at Connection Point Church in Jackson said.

He said he anticipates churches will be packed on Palm and Easter Sunday. “There was that longing, we want to be together on Easter. For Christians, Easter is our celebration.”

This year the church plans to combine virtual and in person services. Along with outside activities for families and church goers to socialize.

“It’s a safer environment, we still encourage people to wear their masks and be respectful to other. By using tents out on our property, we’ll be able to space people out,” Vaught said.

Church members said they are excited to celebrate the holiday around other people.

“We’re meant to be around people,” Rowe Arends said.

“A sharp contrast from last year. We were in our living room and not around family, or friends or church and it felt very isolating,” Becki Arends said.

Others explained, because of COVID-19 vaccine rollout, they feel more comfortable in bigger crowds.

“And it being safer and not as uncertain to what might be happening,” Monica Plain said.

Vaught said after a year of separation, this year holds more importance than ever.

“With all the other turmoil that’s been on with our society, there is a longing not only normalcy but hope,” Vaught said

Vaught said visitors are encouraged to wear masks.

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