Impassable roads in Bollinger County due to rain

Watch out for water over roads in Bollinger Co.

BOLLINGER COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Rain in the forecast on March 17 created dangerous driving conditions, and some roads in the Heartland are already under water.

“Why do you need to be on the other side? Is it really worth the risk,” said Calvin Troxell, Bollinger County Assistant EMA Director and Woodland Fire Protection District Fire Chief.

That’s the question drivers should ask themselves if they drive up to a road that’s covered in water.

“You need to weigh your need to cross a swollen stream to what’s the value of your life and those that are with you,” said Troxell.

According to Troxell, the ground is already saturated, so more rain is making road conditions worse.

“We have about probably somewhere between ten and 12 inches of water flowing at a very rapid rate. Anytime you have water that’s higher than the rubber on the tire, you’re asking for problems,” he said. “The could probably be washed away.”

To help keep people safe, first responders in Bollinger County put together a list of flooded roads. That information goes to dispatchers so they can direct crews in an emergency.

“We could have any type of incident really from a fight in progress to a medical emergency even a house fire. We need this information so that we can provide the best adequate and timely response to get help to these people in Bollinger County,” said Rylan Meek, Bollinger County Sheriff’s Office Communication Supervisor.

The list of impassable roads can also be helpful for drivers who reach a road covered in water.

“Call our Bollinger County Sheriff’s Office and we can tell you an alternate route to take to in fact save your life,” said Meek.

“There’s always that thought of being invincible, and that we’ve done this before. But remember, you may have done it before, but this may be the last time that you ever do it again,” said Troxell.

According to Troxell, some areas in the county do not have enough cell phone service to call 911. That’s another reason drivers should not want to get into an emergency situation.

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