Heartland community college baseball team helps save woman from flipped vehicle

Shawnee Community College Baseball team helps woman in flipped car

ULLIN, Ill. (KFVS) - On most days you can see the Shawnee Community College baseball team taking swings in the batting cages, or out on the field working.

But over the weekend, players and coaches found themselves on a completely different playing field.

“It was a lot of smoke when we came over the hill, knowing how much rain we’d had that’s not right,” said Head Baseball Coach Kenny Reichart.

As the team bus approached that scene, they noticed a woman needing some help trying to get out of her flipped vehicle.

“No hesitation from these guys, they jumped on it. I’m not sure individually anyone could of lifted her out of there,” said Reichart

His first thoughts were that they needed to get her out. So, he and his team jumped right into help.

“Honestly, we just totally forgot about the game, our minds completely went to her, we knew we had to get there and help her,” said outfielder Joseph Dewitt

The Saints were ready to jump into action after seeing what was going on.

“There was hesitation obviously in the back of everyone’s mind with the situation and how dangerous it was but at the end of the day there’s were guys ready to step up immediately,” said utility man Kevin Brown.

Even the players were proud of how they acted swiftly on their feet.

“It showed a lot of selflessness with the guys and how we are together. Always, even in games, being able to pass the big moment to the next guy and being a piece of the puzzle and that’s the way we were in that moment,” said Brown

They said it was just the right thing to do at the right time.

“She was glad we were there to be able to help because who know what could of happened,” said outfielder Holden Newton.

Coach Reichart said he was not shocked of how his team jumped in.

“I couldn’t be any prouder I mean they jumped in did what needed to be done,” said Reichart

Once the lady was pulled out of her vehicle, a few of the team’s members went back into the smoky vehicle to retrieve her pursue and phone.

The team then called 911 and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department responded.

The team went on to play their game after.

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