Illinois’ first on-site cannabis consumption bar set to open

Updated: Mar. 16, 2021 at 6:46 PM CDT
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SESSER, Ill. (KFVS) - When driving through downtown Sesser, you’ll notice The Old Bank lounge of Sesser on the southside.

That building is getting a complete remodel with a new businesses moving in.

That new business is The Luna Lounge of Sesser.

The Lounge is an on-site cannabis consumption lounge.

The owner, Holly Roeder, said it’s the only one in the state and the only one in this part of the county.

Roeder, now living in California, grew up near Sesser.

She said she believes it’s the perfect location to open up the first on-site consumption bar in the state.

She is also the CEO at The Cannabis Course, a course to teach more about cannabis education and training.

The mayor of Sesser, Jason Ashmore, is excited for the new business to come into town.

He said The Luna Lounge would work like this.

“And what’s that’s going to be is a place for people to go and to smoke marijuana or consume marijuana depending on which way they want to consume it. In a legal fashion,” said Ashmore.

According to Luna owner Holly Roeder, food will be served via food trucks and no alcohol will be served inside due to the state’s smoking laws.

Mayor Ashmore believed it will be good for the city of Sesser to learn more about cannabis.

“We believe it’s going to give people a, get them out of the stigma of cannabis and stuff like that, where they can go freely consume cannabis in a public place and not be ashamed of it,” said Ashmore.

He said it’s going to draw more people to town.

“It’s going to bring in tourism, it’s going to bring people to check out the place and they’re also going to visit other businesses and will help stimulate the local economy,” said Ashmore.

Ashmore wanted to let the community know that safety is top of mind.

“One thing we’re proud of is we implemented strict zoning regulations, so we can make sure we do regulate this new business in a safe and efficient manner,” said Ashmore.

The Lounge plans on opening in 45 days.

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