Union City, Tenn. high school students build Lego robots for race

Union City, Tenn. high school students build Lego robots for race
Union City High School students built robot cars for a race. (Source: Union City High School)

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KFVS) - Four teams of Union City High School students built Lego robots race cars for a unique project.

It was all part of Dan Burnham’s Coding II class.

The teams of high school juniors and seniors competed against one another for the project that combines math, physics and coding.

The students built, then programmed the cars with the help of laptop programs written especially for the project.

According to a release from Union City High School, each robot had motors on each side, one even had four.

Sensors were also used, with automation also being part of each car’s motoring and direction equation.

As part of the assignment, the teams were challenged with programming language that steers the cars on a straight line rather than veering off-path. Specific calculations also had to be made to figure out the RPM of each motor.

According to the school, the first in a series of races on a 32-foot track was held in the high school gymnasium.

Burnham and UCHS Principal Jacob Cross were among the onlookers, with Cross serving as the official starter for the races.

“It was really neat to watch the kids work together on this and see them make adjustments by using the things they’d learned in class,” Burnham said. “They had to integrate physics and math, and all their calculations had to be in order to get the robots to take the paths they wanted to.

“You could almost see the wheels turning inside their heads as they were making changes. I’m proud of them all for the work they’ve already done, and the work they’re going to continue to do.”

The winning team in each race will earn extra credit points.

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