Heartland bridal shop prepares for prom season

Heartland bridal shop prepares for prom season

Jackson, Mo. (KFVS) - 2020 was a quiet for formal dress shops because of COVID-19. This year they expect the music and the business to be flowing once again.

“It’s important for them to find that special dress,” said Sandy Schilling, owner of Weddings and Parties Complete.

Schilling said a shortage of dresses is not an issue, because there were no proms last year.

“We got all our prom dresses in last year before the virus started. So, when you look around at all these dresses that you see today, they are like brand new dresses,” said Schilling.

Every August, she travels to Atlanta to select hundreds of gowns shipped from China for inventory, and this year she plans to do the same.

“We are just going to hope it continues that way, that the factories in China don’t shut down, because that can happen,” said Schilling.

Alexa Deluca, a Junior at Jackson High School, missed out on dances and other school events because of COVID-19.

She said said she wants her prom night to be perfect, including her dress.

“It’s been hard for me to find something that flatters me that I really like. So I’ve just been kind of looking and hoping to find one here,” said Deluca.

She said not finding her dream gown would be disappointing.

“Yea, I’d be kind of bummed,” said Deluca.

Despite the changes, Schillings said it’s still exciting to see girls and guys come back and shop for prom season.

“I can always tell when a girl has found the perfect dress. Even though we have a mask on, their eyes just light up,” said Schilling.

She is hopeful for an even bigger outcome next year.

“I think we are getting back to the new normal and we will be able to get our dresses for 2022,” said Schilling.

Despite the pandemic, they were able to receive more dresses for this prom season.

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