Pinckneyville Community Hospital announces plans for expansion

Pinckneyville hospital expansion

PINCKNEYVILLE, Ill. (KFVS) - Pinckneyville Community Hospital announced plans for an $11 million renovation and expansion project.

The project includes a new family medical center, patient wing addition and renovations to the hospital’s existing rehabilitative therapy and emergency departments.

The new 19,222 square-foot family medical center will include 33 exam rooms, three small procedure rooms, large nurse stations, offices and a new lobby.

It will also have multipurpose space for community education and behavioral health programs.

Pinckneyville Community Hospital CEO Randy Dauby said this is why they are expanding.

“We’re doing this because the community is really supporting us and we have grown quite a bit and doing this to meet all the health care needs and the surrounding area,” he said.

Additionally, a new patient wing will add for more acute care patient rooms, increasing the hospital’s total bed count to 20.

Renovations will include the expansion of the hospital’s existing rehabilitative care department and emergency department.

According to the hospital, the existing rehab therapy, on the acute care floor, will receive an additional 334 square feet of space for specialty rehabilitation services while the emergency department renovation will increase the number of emergency exam rooms from three to six, while maintaining the current trauma and triage rooms.

“We’re also going to expand our rehab are down on our nursing floor. So that we can have people that’s going back home to be how to use a dishwasher, how to use a stove, how to take their own bath and so forth,” Dauby said.

Before construction begins, the hospital’s board will go through the bids. The expansion process has been ongoing for around two years, according to Dauby.

“We have a special board meeting coming up on March 15 that will have all the bids back and the board will take action on those bids,” said Dauby.

Construction on the 11-month project is scheduled to begin May 2021. The renovations are expected to be completed by April or May 2022.

All hospital departments will remain open during construction, but like many major projects, there will be entrance and parking restrictions.

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