Volunteers show-up in force to keep Union Co. campground open after vandalism

Campground near Wolf Lake, Ill. reopens after vandalism

UNION COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - The U.S. Forest Service announced on late Thursday, February 25, that they had to close a campground in Union County due to vandalism.

The Pine Hills Campground, near Wolf Lake in the Shawnee National Forest, was closed to the public after crews discovered that someone made donuts with their vehicle at the site.

According to the Shawnee National Forest, the vehicle(s) made deep and destructive ruts in three areas at the campground sometime after the snow had melted.

Word about the damage quickly spread, and when one Heartland group heard the news, they contacted the Shawnee National Forest to say they could help.

The group Jeep’N Shawnee offered their time and manpower to make repairs.

The Forest Service said 30-to-40 volunteers came out on Saturday to assist Shawnee Forest crews to fill in the ruts and to pick-up trash and debris.

The repairs and clean-up didn’t take long and the campground’s 13 sites were reopened to the public.

The Shawnee National Forest said they are very grateful for the help the Jeep group provided and for their ongoing dedication to the natural areas.

No arrests have been made in connection with the vandalism.

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