Search for missing Wayne County man continues after 10 months

Search for missing Wayne County man continues after 10 months

Mill Springs, Mo. (KFVS) - The search for a missing Wayne County man continues nearly 10 months after his disappearance. This time with the help of local and state search teams.

Patrick Chapman went missing in May of 2020 while visiting friends in Mill Springs from St. Charles.

This weekend nearly 100 people will participate in a massive search, in hopes of finding and bringing him home.

“He doesn’t belong just thrown out like trash, or hidden somewhere or buried somewhere,” said Jennifer Newbury, the ex-wife of Patrick Chapman and mother of his 11-year-old son.

She said tomorrow will be the 18th search for Chapman, but this time around there will be a lot more help.

“We have a drone team coming from Kansas City this time, we have the Missouri SARs team coming, and we have state trooper helping,” said Newbury.

The search will be all weekend and multiple places in Wayne County including the location his abandoned car.

“We have seven locations in total. We’re starting where the car was found,” said Newbury.

Law officials in Wayne County said that they have not given up on finding Chapman.

“With all due respect, I can’t say that I can even think about what they are going through,” said Sheriff Dean Finch, the Wayne County Sherriff. \

He said officers from Wayne County will also participate in the search and hopes answers are finally found.

“It something that you eat, sleep, and drink every day. Its constantly on your mind,” said Finch.

Newburry said whether Chapman is found deceased or alive, she wants him back home where he belongs.

“It’s not the answers we want, but at least we can bring him and put him in the proper spot he’s supposed to be next to his father,” said Newbury.

If you would like to volunteer, Newbury said you can meet on the corner of First and Highway 49 in Mill Springs. It’s asked that volunteers sign a waiver form.

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