Heartland shopping event helps cancer patients

Heartland shopping event helps cancer patients

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The 3rd annual Baby it’s Cold Outside event kicked off Saturday at the Osage Centre in Cape Girardeau.

The event was hosted by the Show Me Care Bags, an organization who prepares and delivers care bags to cancer patients in Missouri hospitals.

Show Me Care Bags Founder Jennifer Preston said it is important to help out cancer victims and let them know they have someone that cares about them.

“Cancer can be lonely, especially in a COVID room. You can be sitting in a room by yourself or you just got a diagnosis that is stunning to you,” Preston said. “It’s not discriminate. Cancer can hit anyone at any time. Patients just need something that tells them someone is thinking of them.”

About 20 vendors sold products at the event. Vendors and customers both know that they are helping a cancer patient, some of which are close family and friends.

“They know it’s going to a good cause. They know cancer affects lots of people; some even their own families,” Preston said. “Lots of our recipients are family members of our vendors. So for me, that tells you that we’re reaching where we are supposed to reach.”

The care bags are filled with lotion, blankets, notepads and other care items.

The next scheduled Show Me Care Bags hosted event is at the Osage Center on July 10.

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