Mississippi Co. Sheriff’s Dept. warns of fake bills

Mississippi Co. Sheriff’s Dept. warns of fake bills

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - The Mississippi County Sheriffs Department is asking local businesses to be aware of the possibility of people passing fake currency within the area.

“Anyone who comes here, to purchase anything in the store, you will not make it far, with fake bills.”

Store manager Shatoya Henry said the problem at her store is not all of the employees are trained to identify them.

“Yeah, I’m worried because everybody probably won’t pay attention to the money like I will,” she said.

This is why they have a safe that will reject counterfeit bills.

“Well, we used to have markers, where we mark our bills, but since we couldn’t find no more markers, we put it in our safe. And if it rejects it, you can’t get your merchandise,” she said.

Sheriff Britton Ferrell said his department got a tip about the bills and felt it was his job to warn the community.

“By law, we’re not allowed to disclose where or for what denomination,” the sheriff said.

But he did explain how to spot a phony.

“On certain denominations, there’s always a rough feature to it. It’s not always smooth,” he said.

“What the vendors have to look for is the amount of the bill is on there,” he continued. “There’s a liberty torch on there. And then on this $10 bill with Hamilton. His jacket, if you were to run your fingernails across there. Or across the torch or the denomination part of it, it’s rough.”

Sheriff Ferrell said if the public does happen to come across counterfeit money, they can submit a tip on the Mississippi County Sheriff’s Department app or call the department.

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