Parents struggle to afford child care during pandemic

Parents struggle with childcare during pandemic

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Parents are finding it harder to afford child care during the pandemic.

The cost of child care has increased 47 percent nationally and 11 percent in Missouri during the pandemic.

That’s according to a report by the Center of American Process.

A local day care shares how its affected them.

“It was financially hard on them,” said Kathy Clark.

Kathy Clark is the co-owner of a small world pre-school in Cape Girardeau.

She said many parents were out of work during the pandemic and helped those who struggled.

“We let them pull the child out, enroll them when they went back full time, save their spot for them. We just try to work with them as best we could,” said Clark.

Some families even have multiple children home at a time.

“If they had two or three in the family, they would have to bring them all to us even if one family went to work and the other had work from home,” said Clark.

Cathryn Nguyen sends her son to A Small World Preschool.

She told Channel 12 her family moved to Cape during the pandemic and it was difficult finding child care.

“I literally called like 12 different places... He was out of day care for about a month or so,” said Nguyen.

Her sister even had to take her kids out of daycare, because she couldn’t work.

“They had no option but just to keep them all at home,” said Nguyen.

Clark said child care is necessary for both the child and parent.

“We treat these kids like they’re ours and we don’t want anybody to not come in due to these things that have happened that are beyond anybody’s control,” said Clark.

Clark said they will continue to helps parents who are struggling during this time.

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