Pothole repair season underway

Pothole repair season underway

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - When driving around this time of the year, instead of snow on the road, you may notice more and more potholes.

The Illinois Department of Transportation said that is part of the normal cycle.

They explained how potholes start to form.

“When the moisture infiltrates the pavement or the surface of the pavement, or even gets into our sub-base, then that’s when we start seeing problems with potholes,” said Keith Miley, IDOT District 9 operations engineer.

Miley credited a mild winter in 2020 to not having this big of a problem with potholes.

Due to asphalt plants being closed, IDOT is having a hard time finding some asphalt.

They said they’re using a temporary mix of asphalt and rock to temporarily fix the potholes. It has to be heated by crews to work.

Miley said it’s not the same type as you would use to pave a road.

“We stockpiled that material before the winter season starts,” he said. “So, we have a ready supply of the material, so we’re able to go ahead and make these emergency repairs.”

Miley said, hopefully, by April they can have a supply of asphalt, but for now crews will continue to use the temporary mixture.

“We’re prepared to do that,” he said. “Our crews know what to do and we’ll just continue to do that until we can get the pavement in good shape.”

He said crews are repairing potholes daily, but if you spot something, let IDOT know.

“If you’re a motorist and you see something that needs to be brought to our attention you can obviously contact us and we’ll follow up,” Miley said.

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