More car washes after winter storm

Busy car wash season in Cape

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - With temperatures turning milder, you might be anxious to get that salt and grime off your vehicle.

A lot of people have the same idea.

Josh Lineberry is the manager at James auto body and glass.

He said newer vehicles don’t rust as easily as older vehicles but salt can still cause problems.

“The main thing I would focus on nowadays, rather than the rust aspect of it would be the safety features of your car,” he said.

He also said salt build up can mess with sensors, cameras and blind spot detectors. It’s something he experiences himself.

“I had a blind spot light that came on and stayed on because of the ice and snow build up on the back bumper, it wasn’t reading through it so it thought someone was driving right beside me the entire time I was driving,” Lineberry said.

That’s why he recommends cleaning that equipment before driving.

Matt Vernon is the manager at Cape Auto Spa and said it’s no surprise the car wash is busy after the snow storm.

“We’ve had over 500 cars the past two days,” Vernon said.

He said the weather plays a big role in business.

“I’d rather it be busy than slow so I love it,” he said.

Lineberry said cars might not rust as quickly here in the Heartland compared to places up north.

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