Frozen gutters may damage homes

Frozen gutters may damage homes

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The cold weather has left many things iced and frozen, including gutters. It may have long-term damage on your house.

“It’s pretty much just a waiting game,” said Mitch Hairston, owner of AA Pressure Wash and LLC in Sikeston.

He said a combination of snow and subzero temperatures can put a burden on your gutters. “It’s possible they could have to replace them if the ice gets heavy enough. It can pull them away from the house, which could damage the house too.”

He explained most damage occurs when snow and ice begin to melt.

“There could be water issues if it pulls the gutters away from the house. It could get water in on the roof line,” said Hairston.

Don Brown, owner of B&W Guttering in Patten, said it’s important for homeowners buy gutters made with the strong, high quality materials.

“The interior brackets and the spacing on the brackets need to be two feet or less and they need to be the stronger heavier brackets. The interior brackets are the backbone they are the foundation of a good strong gutter,” said Brown.

Hairston said defrosting the ice may be most efficient.

“Best thing is hot water. As much hot water as you can get on them,” said Hairston.

However, he recommended leaving that work for a professional.

“There’s an issue of falling you can do more damage them what you’re trying to prevent,” said Hairston.

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