Ill. Gov. Pritzker delivers State of the State, budget address

Ill. Gov. Pritzker delivers State of the State, budget address
Illinois Governor JB Pritzker delivered his State of the State and budget address at noon on Wednesday, February 17. (Source: Governor JB Pritzker/Facebook)

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker delivered his State of the State and budget address at noon on Wednesday, February 17.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the speech was held virtually this year and not in lawmaker chambers at the State Capitol in Springfield.

Ill. Gov. Pritzker gives State of the State, budget address

The governor proposed his third balanced budget, closing nearly $1 billion in corporate tax loopholes and holding overall state spending flat, while strengthening the social safety net.

The proposed budget:

  • ends $1 billion in giveaways to corporations
  • strengthens safety net services for all Illinois residents in need
  • protects education funding as the federal government directs billions to schools
  • continues investments in economic development, infrastructure and the environment
  • creates a more equitable Illinois through criminal justice reforms

You can click here to review the budget in brief and click here to see the complete FY22 budget book.

The state’s fiscal year begins July 1.

Senator Paul Schimpf, Republican candidate for governor, released a statement on Wednesday regarding the governor’s budget address.

“It was a massive leadership failure that Governor Pritzker failed to acknowledge that Illinois had a net loss of nearly 80,000 people during the past year in his State of the State Speech today.

“We are losing our population to surrounding states because they have lower tax rates including lower tax rates for corporations. It is misleading to suggest that small businesses are not corporations.

“Governor Pritzker is proposing to increase corporate tax burdens that will only increase the exodus of Illinoisans to more business-friendly states. We cannot solve any of our long-term problems unless Illinois returns to being a state where people want to come to raise their families and grow their businesses.

“Sadly, each day it becomes more evident that Pritzker would rather blame Illinois problems on everyone else including those who had no hand in creating our current problems. The people of Illinois deserve better than this plan and Governor Pritzker’s lack of candor and leadership.”

State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) said Pritzker’s budget plan will increase taxes on small businesses by $1 billion.

“The Governor today mentioned many times his desire to close what he calls ‘corporate loopholes’ to help close part of the budget gap,” Severin said. “What that means is he wants to raise taxes on small businesses across the State that have been so badly hurt by his orders by a billion or so dollars to make his budget balance. Even after that, House Republicans have calculated the budget deficit to be around $1.5 billion. We have $5 billion in unpaid bills and a massive pension debt as well. There is no true balance to this budget, but there was a lot of blame-shifting in the speech.”

Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona), state representative for the 115th District, issued the following statement on Wednesday regarding Pritzker’s budget and State of the State address:

“Governor Pritzker had a chance today to share his plan to cut government spending today. More than a year ago, Governor Pritzker ordered his state agency directors to produce a list of cuts of 6% across the board. No one has ever seen that list, yet the Governor called on Republicans in the super minority to produce THEIR list of cuts. House Republicans have supported legislation in the past that has resulted in increased private investment in our State.

“The Governor’s FY 22 budget goes back on his agreement to support these programs. The Governor just today proposed a $900 million increase in taxes on small businesses. He calls them ‘loopholes’ but in reality, it’s a tax increase on businesses when they can least afford it. We did not hear the Governor take any responsibility for the closure of so many businesses that led to the loss of revenue and population.

“His Executive Orders have ruined our economy and blown a hole in the budget. We deserve a better plan going forward for a truly balanced budget with no tax increases on businesses or working families.”

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