Freezing temperatures cause broken pipes in homes

Freezing temperatures cause broken pipes in homes
Plumber Chris Janet inspects a water line in a house for damage. (Source: Jeremy)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Cold weather continues to make its way across the Heartland, which can lead to problems within your home.

Broken water pipes and frozen water lines are just a couple of them, but knowing the location of your shutoff valve can save you from a water disaster.

“The service calls that we’re getting is people are frantic as you can imagine because they’ve got water spewing all over their house.”

Chris Janet, director of sales at Dutch Enterprises, said the first step in reducing the damage to your home is shutting off the main valve.

“It really is very important to know where your main shutoff valve during these winter months,” he said.

In most homes, in cold weather, it’s important to know the location of your water’s main shutoff valve, and in some homes it’s located behind a makeshift cabinet.

“In most homes that have a basement, you’ll see the waterline comes in midway into the basement into the wall and you’ll have a shutoff valve as such,” Janet said.

But this isn’t the case with all homes, especially older ones.

“Some homes don’t have a shutoff valve in the basement, they only have a shut-off valve at the meter,” Janet said. “Which is a problem when there are 12 inches of snow on the ground.”

Therefore, to prevent a winter water disaster, it’s recommended to locate your shutoff valve before it gets cold, make sure your pipes are insulated, and let the water run with a slow drip because running water, can’t freeze.

“I would suggest to all homeowners and business owners, know where your water lines are at in the house. And the ones you really have to pay attention to in these sub-zero temperatures that we’ve been having is the outside walls because that’s where the freezing is going to occur,” Janet said.

Janet suggested you find your shutoff valve and survey your home’s pipes in warmer weather, so they’re easier to find and identify when it’s cold.

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