Cape Girardeau Airport closed due to weather conditions

Cape Girardeau Airport closed due to weather conditions

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Cape Girardeau Municipal Airport closed its doors to travelers on Wednesday afternoon, due to bad weather.

Currently, airport staff continues to work hard to clear the runways.

In the midst of heavy ice, falling snow and dangerous conditions, airport staff is working hard.

“The airport, our goal is to always stay open, but when you have an accumulation of ice, that’s just kind of hard for us to combat.”

Airport manager Katrina Amos said even with limited staff, they are working to reopen its doors.

“We have an op-staff of three. But when we have an event like this, it’s all hands on deck,” she said.

Normally at this time, passengers would be milling about the lobby and waiting to take their next flight. But due to the abundance of bad weather, planes have been grounded and ground crews are working diligently to get the airport reopened.

“Our goal is, again, to get our primary runway open so that we can start at least the airline and commercial travel. And we’ll move towards the general aviation and the snow and ice control plan on the secondary runway.”

Which takes an around-the-clock effort of monitoring weather conditions and pretreating the runways.

“We can’t use salt here at the airport on the airfield because it’s a corrosive agent,” Amos said. “So, we have to use what is called urea and we also use sodium acetate.”

To get things back to normal as soon as possible.

“As of right now we can’t have any traffic coming in and out air travel-wise because it’s just not safe,” she said. “And our goal is to always keep the airport safe.”

The airport hopes to reopen by Friday morning to accommodate area travelers.

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