Stars and Stripes Museum reopens

Stars and Stripes Museum reopens with new displays

BLOOMFIELD, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland Museum recently reopened its doors with new historical exhibits for the public.

Stars and Stripes, located in Bloomfield, Missouri, sets to preserve the history of the area.

What started out as the first paper to be printed in the area, has now become the foundation of a museum to preserve its history.

“America’s one of the few countries that, if not the only country, who has a paper specifically dedicated to its military.”

Morgan Wilkinson is the curator and educational outreach coordinator at the Stars and Stripes Museum. He said that paper is still significant.

“Nowadays, it’s a little bit broader than it used to be but it still covers general news about what conflicts we’re in and what service members want to hear about,” he said.

But the museum that shares the same name, is a way to learn and discover that same information and its history.

“We really wanted to make that connection with Bloomfield and the paper. Because while the first stripers were printing the first paper just uptown, the millers were living their lives just across town dealing with skirmishes in their front yard and cannon fire and all of those kinds of things.”

One new exhibit represents a local family’s connection to the civil war and its contributions to Stoddard County.

“The Millers were a huge part of the early days of Bloomfield. They were responsible for the first school, the first railroad coming through town, for the first general store.

So, after being closed for over a month, the museum is not showcasing five new or updated exhibits.

“We redid our civil war exhibit, redid the World War I exhibit. Doubled our Battle of the Bulge exhibit. Our fallen striper exhibit was remodeled.”

With the goal to bring in new visitors.

“We really want to make sure people keep on wanting to come back. A lot of times with museums it’s a one and done.”

The Starts and Stripes Museum is currently open and is located off Highway 25 in Stoddard County.

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